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Meet the Team at Merit Chevrolet

Merit Chevrolet prides our self on providing professional, friendly, and helpful customer service.
Meet the experts at our St. Paul car dealership who make your sales and service experience top notch!
  • Dealership Contacts (651) 925-2786
    • Bruce Rinkel Photo
      Bruce Rinkel
    • Tom Krebsbach Photo
      Tom Krebsbach
      General Manager
  • Sales (651) 925-2786
    • Chris Rinkel Photo
      Chris Rinkel
      Sales Manager
    • Chad Dubois Photo
      Chad Dubois
      Sales Manager
    • Bob Notch Photo
      Bob Notch
      Sales Manager
    • Jason Ellis Photo
      Jason Ellis
      Business Manager
    • Chester Dzik Photo
      Chester Dzik
      Internet Manager
    • Jason Wortman Photo
      Jason Wortman
      Sales Consultant
    • Diane Hogan Photo
      Diane Hogan
      Sales Consultant
    • John Langworthy Photo
      John Langworthy
      Sales Consultant
    • Reid Wolski Photo
      Reid Wolski
      Sales Consultant
    • Bill Camden Photo
      Bill Camden
      Sales Consultant
    • Ron Hogan Photo
      Ron Hogan
      Sales Consultant
    • Tim Peterson Photo
      Tim Peterson
      Sales Consultant
    • Tom Conlin Photo
      Tom Conlin
      Sales Consultant
    • Jerry  Mathison Photo
      Jerry  Mathison
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike Salmon Photo
      Mike Salmon
      Sales Consultant
    • Adam Ditmer Photo
      Adam Ditmer
      Sales Consultant
    • Adam Tarras Photo
      Adam Tarras
      Sales Consultant
    • Jay Brown Photo
      Jay Brown
      Sales Consultant
  • Service (651) 925-2658
    • Bruce Maples Photo
      Bruce Maples
      Service Director
    • Mike Bear Photo
      Mike Bear
      Service Manager
    • Todd Moechnig Photo
      Todd Moechnig
      Parts Manager
    • Pat Trombley Photo
      Pat Trombley
      Body Shop Manager
    • Brock Tebelius Photo
      Brock Tebelius
      Service Consultant
    • Duane Koniezny Photo
      Duane Koniezny
      Service Consultant
    • Jeff Michaelson Photo
      Jeff Michaelson
      Service Consultant
    • Mike Straley Photo
      Mike Straley
      Service Consultant
    • Trevor Hanson Photo
      Trevor Hanson
      Service Consultant
    • Andy Eckert Photo
      Andy Eckert
      Service Consultant