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Twin Cities Chevrolet Service & Repair

Merit Chevrolet is the top Maplewood auto repair destination for all vehicles. Specializing in GM and Chevrolet service, our technician experts are standing by to handle all of your routine vehicle maintenance and major repair needs. From St. Paul oil changes, tune-ups, brake systems and more to transmission and engine rebuilds, Merit Chevrolet's service department in Maplewood will have your car or truck fixed right, the first time. You can trust the best Twin Cities Chevrolet service specialists to get your vehicle back to peak driving performance. Don't forget to view our current service specials for the best deals in St. Paul auto repair or our body shop coupon.

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Change engine oil and filter. Reset oil life system. Visually check for any leaks or damage. Lubricate and inspect front suspension, drive line, steering hinges, cable guides and contact points. Rotate and inspect tires. Check inflation pressure and wear. Reprogram onboard vehicle computer. Visually inspect brake system, including brake lines, hoses, pads, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors, and drums. Visually check under carriage for any leaks or damage. Analyze vehicle service history for outstanding safety recall/campaigns and complete as necessary.
* 5 quarts max. Synthetic oil, and diesel engines extra.
Complete Maintenance I Service plus: Check transmission fluid level and add as needed. Pressure test cooling system and radiator cap; clean radiator and air conditioning condenser outside surface; visually inspect hoses, pipes, fittings and clamps. Check wiper blade function and efficiency (additional cost if replacement needed). Lubricate body components including key lock cylinders, door hinges, latches, trunk and hood lid hinges. Test the integrity of the starter switch lock out, automatic transaxle shift lock control and ignition transaxle lock check. Inspect restraint system components. Perform parking brake and automatic transmission mechanism check. Wheel balance.
* 5 quarts max. Synthetic and diesel extra.

Wheel Balance

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Balance 4 Tires and Wheels
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks. Some Models maybe extra. Additional charge for wheel weights.

Align Front Suspension

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Align the Front Suspension and Center the Steering Wheel. 2 Wheel Alignment.
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks. Some Models maybe extra. Parts if needed extra.

Brake System Inspection

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Removal of all 4 wheels. Removal of rear Drums if needed. Inspect all 4 sets of Brakes. Clean and Adjust as need. Rotate the Tires as needed
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks. Some Models maybe extra.

Power Steering Flush

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Complete Flush of the Power Steering System. Includes adding a Flush Conditioner.
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks.

Brakes-Front Pads Only (Resurface Additional)

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Replace Front Brake Pads.
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks. Some Models maybe extra. Rotor resurface or replacement extra if needed.

Lube, Oil & Filter

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CHANGE ENGINE OIL AND FILTER. Lubricate the front Suspension. Perform a multi point inspection.
* Includes up to 5 quarts of conventional oil.

Rotate 4 tires

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Rotate 4 tires, extends the life of the tires and improves the ride of the vehicle.
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks. Some Models may be extra.

Pit Stop Inspection

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Check engine coolant for freeze temperature and check engine oil level and washer fluid level.
* Additional cost for fluids if needed.

Air Filter Replacement

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Replace engine air filter.
* See Dealer for Details.

Wiper Blade Replacement

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Replace front wiper blades
* Good on most Light Duty Cars and Trucks. Some Models may be extra

Air Conditioning Tune Up.

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Test air conditioning system pressures , clean condenser and visually inspect for leaks.
* Additional charge for freon if needed.
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